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Autodesk Inventor OEM 2021

Autodesk Inventor OEM 2021 – With Inventor OEM, developers have access to the same API supported by Inventor. Unlike the add-in approach, which extends Inventor, Inventor OEM allows developers to create their own branded products based on Inventor. Branded products present their own identity while at the same time being completely compatible with other Inventor applications.

Autodesk views Inventor OEM as a means to further extend Inventor technology into new markets and industries. Inventor OEM can be used as a platform by independent developers to create products to address unique market needs or respond to niche opportunities. The only limitations on applications that Inventor OEM cannot be used for are:

  • pure data translation applications (applications that convert from one format to another), and applications that emulate and therefore compete directly with Autodesk Inventor.
  • Other than that, the range of applications that could be developed is pretty much only limited by imagination and ambition.

In building their branded product, developers can use part, assembly, or drawing level functionality (assembly requires a part, drawing requires assembly). Inventor’s extensive range of translators can also be included allowing data to be read into the branded application in a wide variety of proprietary and industry-standard formats. The BIM Exchange and iLogic add-ins can also be included.

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A key part of the Inventor OEM Full Version technology is the Configuration Wizard which allows customization of the branded application’s configuration. Aspects of the branded application which can be customized are the splash screen and zero doc images, the application icon, and the various application ribbons. Through customization, the resulting application can be specifically tailored. Using the Configuration Wizard converting an existing Inventor add-in into a branded product is a fairly straightforward process.

System Requirements:

  • OS:Microsoft® Windows® 10/
  • CPU: Recommended:3.0 GHz or greater, 4 or more cores / Minimum:2.5 GHz or greater
  • Memory: Recommended:20 GB RAM or more / Minimum:8 GB RAM for less than 500-part assemblies
  • Graphics: Recommended:4 GB GPU with 106 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant / Minimum:1 GB GPU with 29 GB/S Bandwidth and DirectX 11 compliant
  • Display:Recommended:3840 x 2160 (4K); Preferred scaling: 100%, 125%, 150% or 200% / Minimum:1280 x 1024
  • NET:.NET Framework Version 4.7 or later. Windows Updates enabled for installation.


  • Full local install of Microsoft® Excel 2010, 2013 or 2016 for iFeatures, iParts, assemblies, Global BOM, Parts Lists, Revision Tables, spreadsheet-driven designs, and Studio animation of Positional Representations.
  • 64-bit Microsoft Office is required to export Access 2007, dBase IV, Text, and CSV formats.
  • Office 365 subscribers must ensure they have a local installation of Microsoft Excel 2016.
  • Windows Excel Starter®, OpenOffice®, and browser-based Office 365 applications are not supported.


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Autodesk Inventor OEM 2021
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