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Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals is one of the best-selling Udemy classes that has delivered the key concepts of Blockchain and Bitcoin technology to the audience. Bitcoin is an online innovation and in fact a kind of virtual currency used in many web-based business processes, and many Web sites and online exchanges have recognized Bitcoin as other valid monetary units and are buying and selling. As you know, bitcoin prices have grown vastly, unlike other currencies, and in recent years its prices have risen sharply.

Although no government has officially supported the currency, this does not mean that it is insecure. Sub-system bitcoin transactions with block / block block chain must be verified by thousands to get an internet transaction. It’s almost impossible to decode and fabricate fake bitcoins in this network. Each transaction is registered at the office and the start of a bitcoin move from the first transaction or loop to the last record is available to everyone. Transparency in this system may not exist in any banking and monetary system.

In this training course , the moderator first and foremost, and why Bitcoin has been dealt with. Where did the fundamentally start the story of the formation of this currency; what was the reason for creating this virtual currency? What is the mechanism of this system’s operation? What is the connection with blockchain technology; what are intelligent contracts; what is the cryptographic value; what is the meaning of digital tokens; What is the reason for blockchain importance? In this course, there is also a significant number of misunderstandings about the block chain and bitcoin, and ultimately, how to get started with this system.


  • Getting a lot of knowledge about what and how Blockchain technology works
  • Knowledge of common vocabulary in Bitcoin and Blockchain Business Discussions
  • Understanding bitcoin and how it works


  • English language
  • Duration: 02:47:40
  • Number of lessons: 37
  • Teacher: George Levy
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Course content
37 lectures 02:47:40
Your Blockchain and Bitcoin Journey Begins Here
1 lecture 01:22
Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
29 lectures 02:08:31
Getting Started with Bitcoin
5 lectures 32:26
Review and Free Resources
2 lectures 05:22


  • There are no requirements needed to enroll beyond having a business interest in learning how blockchain and Bitcoin work.


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Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
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