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Course Format: Video

Delivery Method: PC Download/PC Disk

File Size: 3.85GB

Course Duration: 11.5 Hours





Blog for a Living Complete Blogging Training is the name of a collection of video tutorials on working in the web space and working with the blog. What you learn in this course includes basic to advanced skills in managing and updating a blog. In this course you will also learn how to blog more seriously than ever before. In fact, with blogging you can share your mental products or ideas with the world and think about how to make money.

You will not need any prerequisites to attend the Complete Blogging Training course. This means that while you are watching this course, you are completely preparing a blog from zero to one hundred. You will also find valuable techniques on how to monetize your blog. What makes users eager to launch a blog on a website is the low cost of the blog and the hassle. This way you can build a blog by watching this course at the lowest cost and with the safest possible.

Courses taught in this course

  • Learn how to build blogs on different topics
  • Learn how to post and post on the blog
  • Learn about content creation and how to deliver the best content
  • Learn efficient ways to attract visitors
  • Learn how to monetize your blogs
  • Learn how to exchange and have users email list

Complete Blogging Training Course Specifications

  • English language
  • Duration: 11:27:50
  • Number of courses: 121
  • Level of education: Basic to Advanced
  • Instructor: Theo McArthur
  • File format: mp4

Blog Courses Topics for a Living Complete Blogging Training

Course content
121 lectures 11:27:50

Level 1
3 lectures 04:39

Getting Started
5 lectures 18:23

Setting Up Your Blog
20 lectures 01:35:35

Creating Headers and Logos
3 lectures 23:33

Writing Posts and Creating Pages
13 lectures 01:00:22

Additional Design and Customization
5 lectures 32:56

Level 2
2 lectures 02:49

Getting Your Blog Ready for Traffic
4 lectures 20:45

Driving Traffic to Your Blog
8 lectures 01:04:51

Making Money From Your Blog
11 lectures 01:01:15

3 lectures 13:16

Setting up an Autoresponder
7 lectures 52:58

Creating Lead Magnets
4 lectures 33:12

Writing Emails That Get Opened and Read
6 lectures 57:44

Building Your List With Search Engine Optimization
5 lectures 35:55

Building Your List With Kindle
5 lectures 30:41

Using Twitter to Build Your List
2 lectures 08:15

Using YouTube to Build Your List
3 lectures 12:46

Passive List Monetization
4 lectures 18:53

Thank You Pages
2 lectures 08:11

Important Lessons and Resources
6 lectures 30:55

Prerequisites Blog Course for a Living Complete Blogging Training

  • No knowledge of blogging or online business is required
  • A text editor such as Notepad is required


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Blog for a Living: Complete Blogging Training
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