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Facebook Audiens Extractor Pro

Would You like to Generate Instant Leads and Profits from FB?
Forget Manual Method – We Automate it ALL!
Collecting huge potential targeted buyers every time
only in three super easy steps
Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook &
Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!
Do You Really KNOW Your Target Audience from FB?
Refine Your Facebook Audience for Better Ad Targeting!
Simple Audience Makes Your Promotion more and more Targeted !

The most popular social network is also the most effective social media marketing tool because it encompasses all demographics and advertising is highly targeted. I’m talking about Facebook.

So how does Simple Audience help you penetrate this market?

At Simple Audience, we understand that the first step in growing your brand is by driving relevant traffic your way. Without a strong social media presence, it will be very difficult for you to increase profits and be successful in securing new and repeat business.

We can provide you with a Facebook database of names, contact information, location, and gender and filter it into an Audience Database. We also use advanced filtering, so the data is targeted on the people who have higher interaction and interest in specific niches on Facebook groups and Fanpages based on likes, comments and posts.

Simple Audience can help you generate leads and profits 
by collecting potential, targeted buyers in 3 easy steps
Generate leads and profits by collecting potential, targeted buyers in 3 easy steps :
  1. Collect Your Database: find your most likely consumers from groups, pages and posts.
  2. Create a Custom Facebook Audience from your potential target consumers
  3. Upload your Database. Facebook will match these contacts with Facebook users and create an audience based on those matches. The results from Simple Audience can be used as Targets / Audience by using any kind of promoting method, such as Facebook Ads and Whatsapp Marketing

Getting Highly Targeted Leads from Facebook & Build a Real Audience in any Niche you can imagine!


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Facebook Audiens Extractor Pro
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