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How Economic, Political And Market Psychology Dictates Forex Temperament!

Basically the forex is a simultaneous transaction, where one currency is traded for another in real time. This is basically a very large market entity that is based on very liquid financials, and does not really function in the traditional terms. The transactions are all done electronically or over the telephone.

Basically banks, insurance companies, large corporations and financial institutions are the players in the forex market exchange. However of late, individual investors either working for themselves or for a small group also seem to make quite an impact on the forex trading platform.

Below are some of the information that you are about to learn:

  • Chapter 1: Forex basics
  • Chapter 2: Markets The Forex Taps Into
  • Chapter 3: Exchange Rate Regime And Exchange Rate Flexibility
  • Chapter 4: Fixed Exchange Rate Measured Against Floating Exchange Rate
  • Chapter 5: Who Are The Participants In The Market
  • Chapter 6: How Economic, Political And Market Psychology Dictates Forex Temperament


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Forex Trading Secrets
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