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In PES 2020, expert opinion has been employed wherever possible to ensure that every element of gameplay stands up to the scrutiny of even the most discerning of football fans. Most notably, the development team have worked closely with Andrés Iniesta to translate his innate ability to read the space around him and slip through the tiniest cracks of an otherwise impregnable defensive line into a new dynamic dribbling technique.
Fans of the series will agree, authenticity has always been important in PES, and that applies just as much to your on-pitch failures as it does your triumphs. In alignment with this philosophy, PES 2020 will feature realistic portrayal of player error, creating more opportunities for you to take advantage of careless mistakes made by opponents, while also encouraging you to live and breathe every moment of competition to ensure your own play is on point.

Several new first-touch techniques have also been added, empowering you to take command of the ball in a way that suits your personal playstyle. In addition, significant enhancements to the physics engine ensures a new level of realism when interacting with the ball, contributing to a deeper gameplay experience. A slew of new animations have also been added to more accurately portray actions like sliding tackles with greater accuracy.

The new Inspire characteristic will enable fans to see player personalities play out on the pitch with unprecedented realism.
In PES 2020, not only will each player’s individual playstyle affect the way he interacts with the ball, but it will also have a significant impact on the behaviour of the players around him.
There are also a number of new skills and abilities coming to PES 2020 that will add another layer of depth to squad-building, as you’ll have to give careful consideration to what each skill and ability brings to the team. Pick players with the Aggression ability for matches where a heavy handed approach might be necessary to combat a team with skilled attackers. Conversely, you might consider picking players with the Tight Possession ability when you need someone who can snake through the gaps of an iron-clad defense.

With so many tools at your disposal, what type of football will you choose to play?

Licensed to Thrill
We are very excited to welcome several new clubs into the fold as official Konami Partners, including the likes of Manchester United, FC Bayern München and Juventus – which, in addition to clubs like FC Barcelona, will all be available in the palm of your hand from launch.
We are also proud to have signed players from all of these clubs as PES Ambassadors, including superstars like Lionel Messi, Scott McTominay, Miralem Pjanić and Serge Gnabry, all of whom will appear in game menus and various promotions down the line.What’s more, fans will be ecstatic to hear that we have added Serie A TIM to our long list of league licenses, allowing you to enjoy the crème de la crème of Italian football.New Legends are also planned for release in the near future, so stay tuned for updates as we move closer to launch!
A Step Towards Realism With Unreal
With PES 2019 mobile, we brought you an unprecedented level of visual fidelity through the implementation of Unreal Engine 4. Now, after another year working with this amazing technology, our skilled developers have managed to eke out every last drop of performance. This has resulted in an even more visually impressive experience, with various improvements added throughout the game, including short animated sequences that trigger when new players join your team.

In addition, player movements are smoother than you’ve ever seen them, with vast improvements to their animation sets making it far easier for fans to get emotionally invested in every triumphant victory and every crushing disappointment.


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