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The latest version of QuickBooks Pro.

  • Quickly scan invoices, billing, past transactions and more items at a glance in the Calendar. The improved “to-do” list captures more relevant information and displays it all in a calendar format.
  • Now you can export your QuickBooks reports along with all your formatting to Excel. Just select a new time period, rerun your report, and export it.
  • Set up Memorized Transactions for recurring billing, invoices, and estimates. Review and process each transaction individually, and select which transactions to run now and which to run later. You can also set up bi-monthly processing.
  • Get organized by attaching receipts, estimates, & other documents to invoices & customer files. Just drag & drop – a major advantage at tax time. Local storage now included with your QuickBooks purchase. Now you can export your QuickBooks reports along with all your formatting to Excel. Just select a new time period, rerun your report, and export it.
  • The Lead Center makes it easy to keep track of your sales leads and import existing leads into QuickBooks. When your lead becomes a customer, move the contact information into the Customer Center with one click.
  • Create and use the same time sheet for employees or vendors who worked the same hours.
  • Quickly find the report you need, with results displayed by industry, user rating and report popularity. Click to populate the report with your business data.
  • Customer Snapshot gives you a consolidated view so you can assess at a glance your customer’s purchase history, average days to pay, and outstanding balance and make timely decisions on customer requests. You can also identify your top customers by revenue and payment consistency, and prioritize them accordingly.
  • Automatically create a full set of invoices for customers with the same service. Just create the invoice once and select the customers you want to send it to.
  • Your QuickBooks file is the repository of record for your business, but finding the exact information you need is not always easy. With QuickBooks Search, all you need to do is enter the keyword, and it will pull up all the related reports, invoices, contacts and transaction details.
  • Quickly identify overdue and almost due invoices, and email all collection notices from your Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail account in a few steps.
  • See at a glance important details such as your customer’s payment history, estimates, and past orders with vendors right at your fingertips on the same screen, so that you can complete the transaction at one time instead of switching back and forth between screens.
  • Batch entry and edit for customers, vendors, and items means you save significant time.
  • Stand out from the crowd with fast and easy invoice customization. Create a distinct look for your small business with professional designs and apply it across all your invoices, statements, and other forms all at once. Additional fee applies. Free trial available.
  • Save time from scrolling through customer, vendor and item lists – find the information you need quickly and easily using QuickFilter.
  • Send e-mail directly from QuickBooks using MS Outlook & Outlook Express.
  • Allow multiple users to work off the same, up-to-date QuickBooks company file at the same time. You can also set user permission levels to control what information each user can access.
  • Save time on data entry and increase the accuracy of your financial records by downloading transactions from your financial institution directly into QuickBooks.
  • Keep track of payroll, taxes, and other liabilities at a glance in the Payroll Center; a to-do list tells you when taxes are due. See dates for payroll, taxes, and other liabilities, and get confirmation when payroll is rescheduled. (Additional fees apply)
  • Get an immediate view into your bottom line all in one page with the at-a-glance reports that are most important to you.
  • Easily see any customer’s balance, transaction history, and contact info in the Customer Center. Review your balance with any vendor and a list of POs, bills, and payments in the Vendor Center. View all paychecks and contact information for any employee instantly with the Employee Center.
  • Get insights to make better business decision in the Report Center. Find just the report you need to understand how your business is doing. And, more easily access the reports you rely on in Favorite Reports.
  • Import from prior version of QuickBooks


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Quickbooks Desktop Pro 2020
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