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Trend Micro Internet Security


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Trend Micro Internet Security is a widely-known antivirus software. It offers a range of antimalware apps for different platforms, and two of its products support Chrome OS, which is pretty rare for antivirus software. Trend Micro antivirus tool also has a free version and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The software comes with some great additional features, such as ransomware protection and web monitoring. However, the antivirus programs don’t include identity theft protection, and a VPN is only available in the top-tier plan.

In this Trend Micro antivirus review, we’ll take you through all you need to know about the product. From pros and cons to security features and an overview of plans and pricing, we’ll help you decide if Trend Micro is the right choice for your security needs.

Trend Micro Internet Security
• Blocks viruses malware and dangerous links sent by e-mail or IM-application.
• Identify safe and dangerous links in search results for web browsers Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox.
• Identify safe and dangerous links on social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and many others.
• Determines the privacy settings of Facebook that can make your personal data vulnerable.
• Provides a clear and easy interpretation of the messages on the screen and reports.
• A set of protection features “set and forget” that will not annoy you with alerts and pop-UPS.

The Best Online Protection

Secure your digital life when you install Trend Micro. Block phishing attempts and other digital attacks and eliminate ransomware threats before they can hurt your system.

Make Social Media Safe

Keep your social media interactions safe. Chat, share, and post online without giving away important information for hackers and scammers.

Get Real-time Protection

Get continuous defense from digital threats with Internet Security’s real-time detection of ransomware, viruses, threats that invades privacy, and scams. With real-time protection, it makes it easy to see threats immediately and act to block or remove them from the system.

Only a Minimal Impact on the Overall Performance

Unlike other security software, Internet Security by Trend Micro makes sure that it will not only provide the protection you need but keep your device’s performance at its best. There would be minimal impact on the performance of your PC. In addition, it will also fix some common issues with your computer’s speed.

Parental Control

Let your kids enjoy online browsing and gaming without you worrying about online content. You get full control over what your kids can see online. Easily block sites that are inappropriate and even limit the screen time of your kids.

Secure Email

You don’t have to worry about receiving scammed email. Internet Security will scan your emails to detect if the content is harmful. You don’t have to think about clicking on scammed links at all.

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