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Windows Server 2022 Essential


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Windows Server 2022 introduces advanced multi-layer security, hybrid capabilities with Azure, and a flexible application platform. As part of this release, we are bringing secured-core capabilities to help protect hardware, firmware, and Windows Server OS capabilities against advanced security threats.

It has been said before about Windows Essentials that Microsoft Windows Server 2019 was the last version of Server Essentials with Windows Server 2022 Standard and Windows Server 2022 Datacenter options for organizations for Windows Server 2022.

Windows Server Essentials has been a sweet spot for organizations with 25 users and 50 devices they need to service with office productivity apps and traditional web services, email services, and other small business services. These limitations are implemented by what Microsoft refers to as a client access license. Historically this has been a solution for small businesses.

Microsoft Windows Server 2022 Essentials vs. Standard vs. Datacenter

As mentioned, the Windows Server 2022 Essentials edition serves a very specialized niche use case for business-productivity purposes. When it comes to more robust and powerful enterprise capabilities such as running software-defined storage and running virtual machines, Server 2022 Essentials is not the version for those use cases.

It means that customers need to choose the Windows Server version that fits the use case needed. Microsoft Windows Server provides many options via the editions available.

Windows Server 2022 Standard edition limitations

Windows Server 2022 Standard can run two virtual machines, plus one Hyper-V host per license, and you get 2 Virtual OSE/Hyper-V isolated containers. While Windows Server 2022 Standard edition can run virtualized workloads as mentioned, it may not be cost-effective to do that. It has been said that it usually starts paying for itself to buy Windows Server Datacenter edition when you run 10 virtual machines or more. This is definitely a licensing consideration.

Robust Virtualization and Enterprise capabilities require Windows Server Datacenter

With Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition, you get the full set of capabilities with Windows Server 2022. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter can run unlimited virtual machines and containers without limited virtualized resources based on license restrictions. Windows Server 2022 Datacenter edition also provides the full suite of software-defined capabilities such as Storage Spaces Direct and can also do network virtualization.

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