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Windows Server 2022 Standard 4/16/24 Core


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Windows Server 2022 Standard – The main innovations of the system imply an improvement in multi-level security. The server comes with a secure core “Secured-core server”, the basic principle of a secure core is simplified security, advanced security functionality and security prevention. The technology is being implemented to use the TPM 2.0 module, which is responsible for the encrypted storage of secret keys and data, and the DRTM and DMA technologies support security based on VBS virtualization.

Distinctive features of Windows Server 2022 Standard

  •  Support for Intel Ice Lake Windows Server 2022 processors, the server can now host SQL solutions requiring up to 48 TB of memory and 2048 cores running on 64 physical sockets.
  • SMB compression. Users of the system and applications no longer need to manually compress ZIP files when transferring data, the system now does this automatically.
  • Replaced IE browser with Microsoft Edge based on open source Chromium buzz.
  • HTTPS and TLS 1.3 security features by default. The SMB protocol uses now uses AES-256 encryption by default.
  •  The browser-based Window Admin Center portal is now native (integrated) with the Azure portal.

Microsoft Server 2022 Standard Edition is the middle tier version out of all of three in terms of pricing. However, it is very similar to the most comprehensive version of Windows Server, Datacenter.

This innovative software manages workloads cloud-ready assignments with ease making it ideal for businesses. The standard version is perfect for environments that are physical or virtualized. This means that medium to large businesses with the requirement multiple access to the server. Users have access to great features like server virtualization, web application platforms, virtual desktops, server management and much more.

The official release of Windows Server 2022 is the Long-term Servicing Channel version, which includes five years of circulation and subsequent five years of extended support. Upgraded from Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 is integrated with multi-layered security features. Windows Server 2022 has Azure hybrid capabilities, providing a flexible environment for application modernization.

Windows Server 2022 enhances the seamless connectivity of file servers on-premises to file servers on Azure. Updates to Storage Migration Service allow customers to migrate file servers from certain network access storage (NAS) and Windows File Servers to Windows Servers on Azure. Using Storage Migration Service to migrate data to servers allows customers to maintain low latency while reducing their on-premises storage footprint.

Customers use Windows Server to run large-scale and distributed applications. Consequently, we have placed relentless focus on bringing platform capabilities and tools that improve developer velocity and support for business-critical workloads like SQL Server. In this release, we are adding several platform improvements for Windows Containers, including application compatibility and the Windows Container experience with Kubernetes. A major improvement includes reducing the Windows Container image size, which leads to faster download time and better performance.

In addition, you can now run applications that depend on Azure Active Directory with group Managed Services Accounts (GMSA) without domain joining the container host. Furthermore, there are several other enhancements that simplify the Windows Container experience with Kubernetes. These enhancements include support for host-process containers for node configuration, IPv6, and consistent network policy implementation with Calico.
In addition to platform improvements, we have an updated Windows Admin Center tool that makes it easy to containerize .NET applications.

Once the application is in a container, you can host it on Azure Container Registry to then deploy it to other Azure services, including Azure Kubernetes Service.
Windows Server 2022 supports business-critical and large-scale applications like SQL Server that require 48TB of memory and 2,048 logical cores running on 64 physical sockets.

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