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Avast Cleanup Premium


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Avast Cleanup Premium is one of the best programs for keeping your PC in good condition. It has been developed by Avast Software – one of the most famous and awarded developers of security and utility programs for devices all over the world.

Avast Cleanup cleans your PC from unwanted junk files, speeds up its performance, updates outdated software, and fixes many annoying problems that you may encounter while using your computer.

Avast Cleanup Premium is a PC optimization tool that includes a range of scans that detect unnecessary items and performance issues to free up disk space and improve the speed of your system.

Speed up, tune-up, and revive your PC
Your PC isn’t getting any younger. Fix what’s slowing you down with Avast Cleanup’s patented breakthrough technology.

Speed up with Sleep Mode
Avast Cleanup process detects performance drains and stops them for you, without making you uninstall programs or interfering with your PC

Identifies bloatware and long-forgotten programs
Your PC could be slowed down by programs you haven’t used in ages or never wanted in the first place — trial versions, unwanted toolbars, or preinstalled software. These are a waste of space and speed, and may even be a security risk. Our new Software Cleanup feature gets rid of them once and for all.

Clean it all up
Take the guesswork out of figuring out which programs you no longer need with our cloud-based reputation and unneeded-program detection systems. If you’re afraid to uninstall, we can temporarily put files in quarantine until you decide.

Give your PC a proper cleanup
Running out of disk space? Not anymore. Avast Cleanup scans your PC from top to bottom to remove gigabytes worth of leftover junk files from more than 200 applications, browsers, and even Windows.

Fix your PC problems
The quick fix for a tired PC, Avast Cleanup comes packed with tools for both novices and pros to fix some of the most annoying issues, crashes and freezes.

Update your programs automatically
Outdated programs can leave your PC vulnerable to bugs, crashes, and security risks. Our new Automatic Software Updater regularly updates your most critical programs for you.

The most comprehensive PC optimizer and tuneup toolkit
Avast Cleanup includes everything you need to tune up your PC:

Sleep Mode
Shortcut Cleaner
Automatic Maintenance
Disk Cleaner
Registry Cleaner
Browser Cleaner
Tuning Dashboard and Action Center
Bloatware Removal
Automatic updates

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