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  • No of Device: 1
  • License Duration: 1, 2 Year
  • Warranty Period: 14 Days
  • Delivery Mode: Email
  • Operating System: All Device
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Avast Cleanup is one of the most effective packages to clean up a cluttered and underperforming operating system. As it can be used independently of third-party software that may already be installed, it is a perfect option to check for any major system issues.

Features and Uses

Avast Cleanup is intended to optimize the existing space within a hard drive by detecting fragmented files and other issues which may be hindering performance levels. One these items are identified, the user has the choice to delete them. It can also detect potentially dangerous add-ons within a browser and replace them with safer variants. This system functions very much like a standard defragmentation program, so old ‘junk’ files will be detected and (if desired) deleted. This will help to free up additional space within a hard drive.

Additional Tools

The user also has the option to enable Avast Cleanup to regularly perform maintenance tasks. This will help to keep a system running as smoothly as possible. Download histories as well as browsing data can be deleted upon request, an excellent option for those who may be concerned about the presence of cookies within their system.

No of Device

1 Device

No of Years

1 Year, 2 Years


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