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  • No of Device: 1, 3, 10
  • License Duration: 1, 2, 3Year
  • Warranty Period: 14 Days
  • Delivery Mode: Email
  • Operating System: All Device

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AVG Internet Security is one of the most known solutions for complete protection against viruses and malware. AVG has multiple tools under their toolbelt, with AVG Internet Security acting as a hub for many of their products. AVG allows you to protect every part of your online life, whether through direct computer protection, guarding against hackers, or tracking links and attachments through emails.

While AVG is well known, it may not be for you. If not, you’ll find similar functionality through Avast free anti-virus, McAfee Antivirus, or Avira Free Antivirus. AVG Internet security users can try the product with a 30-day free trial.

Providing complete protection for devices
AVG users are spoilt for choice given that they have access to AVG Anti-virus, a free option to keep your computer and online searching habits secure. However, the free antivirus lacks the functionality needed for those looking for a complete protection option. Instead, users can purchase the cost-effective premium AVG Internet Security option, which is available for up to 10 devices for the first year.

While you miss out on some functionality that can be found in AVG’s ultimate solution, you do get access to firewall settings, additional anti-virus options, phishing protection, and more. These alone will be more than enough for many general users or those looking for passive, but always active, security for their devices.

Setting yourself up for complete protection
AVG products have always had a corporate feel, and the aesthetic here is no different. The AVG interface is easy to use, sleek and minimalistic, with many of the options being used via a slider or icon click. The ‘protected’ label is an easy identifier to know whether you are protected from that specific danger; while simplistic, this method dramatically enables even the least tech-savvy of users to understand when they are protected.

For those looking for more, the hamburger menu at the top of the window will open additional settings that can be checked through. Clicking the service icons on the main dashboard will also open different options, including altering scanning protocols to ensure you have control over what is being scanned.

Running a smart scan (essentially a quick scan if you’re familiar with other antivirus products) will quickly scan top-level files searching for any viruses’ or dangers. Alternatively, users can edit these options to run a deeper scan or scan specific locations on your PC if you’re uncertain of the intentions of an application or folder.

The performance scan is additional and checks your PC for issues that may negatively impact your device’s performance. In essence, less focus on security and more on optimizing the performance of your device.

Be aware of scan impact
As with many antivirus programs, running a quick scan will essentially go unnoticed. The speed at which the application will return results is unlikely to impact the general use of the device. However, when running a deep scan, you may find that the device effectively throttles and becomes far slower to use.

Aside from a performance drop, identifying the file types you regularly use is vital in avoiding false flagging from the program. False flagging is where the anti-virus registers a specific file type as dangerous without knowing what the file truly contains. These files will usually be labeled as ‘potentially unwanted programs.’ If you download applications or executables from unreliable sources, you may encounter this more than the average person.

The perfect response to any virus
AVG continuously improves the services under their ever-growing product range. AVG Internet Security provides a wide range of security solutions to keep your devices secure while surfing the web or downloading files. With the range of settings, scan types, and security in the palm of your hand, you can rest assured that AVG has your back.

With a free trial on offer, it’s a no-brainer to give AVG Internet Security a try and run a scan to see what unwanted programs are lurking on your devices. If there are no tangible results, consider revisiting AVG and downloading their free antivirus program instead.

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Guides on How to install and activate AVG internet Security

How To Install and Activate AVG Internet Security

No of Device

1 Device, 3 Devices, 10 Devices

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1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years


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