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Adobe InDesign makes light work of creating professional publications. From glossy magazines to impressive brochures or even whole books, you can use InDesign for basically any publication you might need to create. If you’re new to Adobe’s digital publisher, you’ll need a few InDesign tutorials to get you started. The designs you can create are limitless, you just need to update your skillset to match its capabilities!

If you’re putting together a magazine, brochure or book, it’s likely that you’ll encounter Adobe InDesign during your design process. This publishing program is the print designer’s everyday tool of choice, but you can also use it to do more unusual tasks, such as creating EPUBs (eBooks), formatting cool typography effects, and designing Pinterest-worthy posters.

club flyer tutorial

If you’re a beginner to InDesign, it can be intimidating knowing how to get started and what tasks the software is suitable for. Here, you’ll find a quick-start guide to InDesign to help you get started on the right foot.



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