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AWS Certified Solutions Architect is the name of the IT certification suite in the Amazon Web Services branch. This course will provide you with the newest and most useful VALIDATED, VERIFIED content. Everything you learn in this course will bring you one step closer to success in the AWS certification exam. The course ahead will also meet your needs as a comprehensive course in preparing and guiding you.

By watching this course, you will actually pass over the past 33 exams. At the end of each training session you will solve questions that will actually improve your learning and preparation. Also at the end of this course you have answered over 300 exam level questions designed by the course publisher. Finally, it should be noted that the theory training of this course along with various questions and exercises will make you better prepared.


  • Pass the AWS certification test on your first experience
  • Teaching the concepts, issues, and skills in theory in your exam area
  • Different tests at the end of different parts of the course that will help you measure
  • Provide coaching exercises for your course to succeed


  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Teacher: DolfinEd – Learning that
  • Level: Basic to Advanced
  • Duration: 68:33:27
  • Number of lessons: 377 lessons
  • English language


Course Introduction
5 lectures 36:11

Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS Global Infrastructure
6 lectures 44:30

Getting Started with AWS – Free Tier Account Setup & AWS IAM Foundation
5 lectures 55:34

Core Knowledge – VPC,Sec Group,N ACL,Elastic IP,NAT,VPN,VPC Peering& D. Connect
30 lectures 06:55:53

Core Knowledge – Master VPC (& its Components) Scenario-based Practice Questions
18 lectures 03:09:01

Core Knowledge – Master Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Exam Required Knowledge
32 lectures 06:15:07

Core Knowledge – Master AWS EC2 – Exam Scenario-based Questions
13 lectures 02:07:01

Core Knowledge – Master AWS’s Elastic Block Store (EBS) Exam Required Knowledge
13 lectures 02:26:22

Core Knowledge – Master AWS EBS – Exam Scenario-based Question
10 lectures 02:05:06

Core Knowledge – Master Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) Exam Required Knowledge
22 lectures 03:57:28

Core Knowledge – Master AWS ELB – Exam Scenario-based Question
19 lectures 03:27:56

Core Knowledge – Master Auto Scaling Exam Required Knowledge
15 lectures 02:41:09

Core Knowledge – Master Auto Scaling Scenario-based Practice Questions
7 lectures 01:33:39

Relational Database Service (RDS)
14 lectures 02:17:42

Core Knowledge – Master AWS RDS Scenario-based Practice Questions
7 lectures 01:49:06

Core Knowledge – CloudTrail Logging, KMS & encryption, SNS
8 lectures 01:31:55

Core Knowledge – Master Simple Storage Service (S3) Exam Required Knowledge
28 lectures 04:19:17

Core Knowledge – Master AWS S3 Scenario-based Practice Questions
4 lectures 48:24

Core Knowledge – AWS ROUTE 53 – AWS’s Domain Name System (DNS) Service
10 lectures 01:32:25

Core Knowledge – AWS CloudFront
12 lectures 01:58:22

AWS Services
68 lectures 11:43:49

Core Knowledge – Application Load Balancer
12 lectures 01:51:52

Amazon Network Load Balancer (NLB)
8 lectures 48:48

Core Knowledge – AWS Identity and Access Management ( IAM )
25 lectures 04:44:23

Misc Services
19 lectures 02:58:15

Wrap Up
2 lectures 04:36


  • Basic IT knowledge is a plus
  • Determination to become Amazon Web Services – AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
  • Readiness to invest the effort and time to master AWS Core Services including VPC, Security Groups, N ACLs, NAT Instance and Gateway, Bastion Hosts, VPN, Direct Connect, EC2, Enhanced Networking…etc


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