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Course Curriculum

Level One – Options Ironshell

Lesson 1: Basics of Options Trading

  • • The Power of Options in Trading and Investing
  • • Call and Put Options
  • • Option Pricing: Intrinsic and Extrinsic Value
  • • The Greeks: Delta, Gamma, Theta, Vega and Rho
  • • Option Contracts for Stocks, Futures and Currencies
  • • How to Profit under Any Market Condition

Lesson 2: Setting Up Charts and Trading Tools

  • • Setting Up Your Charting Platform
  • • Creating a Watchlist
  • • Reading and Analysing an Option Chain
  • • Analysing Risk Versus Reward
  • • Using Probability Analysis
  • • How to Place and Modify Orders

Lesson 3: Understanding Long Calls and Puts

  • • Steps to Execute Long Calls when Very Bullish
  • • Steps to Execute Long Puts when Very Bearish

Lesson 4: Generating Extra Income with Covered Calls

  • • Generating Extra Income from Your Stock Portfolio
  • • Covered Call Strategy: Long Stock + Write Calls
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 5: Hedging a Portfolio with Protective Puts

  • • Buy Insurance to Protect Your Stock Portfolio in a Bear Market
  • • Steps to Calculating the Perfect Hedge with Deltas
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 6: Owning Stocks at a Huge Discount with Cash Secured Puts

  • • Strategy: Selling Cash Secured Puts
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules
  • • Case Studies

Lesson 7: Bullish Strategy:Bull Call Spread

  • • Profiting from Bullish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • • Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Call: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
  • • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

Lesson 8: Bearish Strategy: Bear Put Spread

  • • Profiting from Bearish Stocks with Limited Risk and a Fixed Target Price
  • • Lower Risk Compared to Buying a Straight Call: Cheaper with Lower Theta / Vega Risk
  • • The Best Time to Execute this Strategy
  • • Profitable Entry and Exit Execution Rules

(Bonus) Lesson 9: Basics of Technical Analysis

  • • Tenants of Dow Theory and Principles of Technical Analysis
  • • Identifying Trends
  • • Utilising Support & Resistance as Supply & Demand Zones
  • • Mastering Moving Averages
  • • Mastering Indicators: Trend Following & Oscillators
  • • Using Powerful Candlestick Patterns and Price Action Trading

(Bonus) Lesson 10: Setup your trading station

Level Two – Options Ironstriker

Lesson 1: Introduction

•   Review of Options Concepts
•   Advantages of Being a Net Options Seller: High Win Rates
•   Statistics of Consistent Options Trading Profits

Lesson 2: Credit Spreads

•   Master the High Probability Strategy of Selling Options & Collecting Premiums
•   Sell Insurance with 85-90% Winning Probability
•   How to Sell Call Credit Spreads and Put Credit Spreads
•   Profitable Entry & Exit Execution Rules and Case Studies

Lesson 3: Iron Condor

•   The Ideal Strategy to Generate Income in a Sideways Market
•   Profit with 85-90% Winning Probability with Limited Risk
•   The Optimal Time to Construct an Iron Condor
•   How to Repair Trades and Turn a Losing Trade to a Winning One

Lesson 4: Earnings Probability Spread

•   Generate Quick Profits in 2-3 Days When Stocks Gap Up During Earnings Reports
•   Identify Stocks that Have a High Probability of Beating Earnings
•   Construct an Options Spread to Generate Up to 1:10 Risk-Reward Ratio

Lesson 5: Long Diagonal Spread

•   Generate Regular Income with Limited Capital and Risk
•   Optimal Way to Construct Covered Call Strategy on High Priced Stocks
•   Buy Deep ITM Call and Sell Monthly OTM Calls to Collect Monthly Income

Lesson 6: Long Calendar Spread

•   Buy a Long-Term Call (LEAP) & Sell a Short-Term Call at the Same Strike Price
•   The Ideal Strategy When You Are Bullish on a Stock in the Long-Term
•   Reduce Cost of Owning Long-Term Options while Benefiting from Volatility Increase
•   The Best Time to Enter a Long Calendar Spread


Lesson 7: Synthetic Long and Short Stocks

•   Taking a Long or Short Position on Stocks Using a Fraction of Capital
•   Defining Your Own Profit Range or Stock Price Level
•   Magnifying Your Returns on Investment
•   How to Construct the Trade with No Cost

Lesson 8: Protective Bullish Synthetic  (Bull Bang™)

•   How to Construct a Cheap Bullish Trade While Getting Protection
•   Synthetic Long + Protective Put = Bull Bang
•   The Ideal Strategy for “Bottom-Fishing” Stocks

Lesson 9: The SNIPEX


• How to make profits from theta-scalping
• Construct each trade with less than $200 per contract
• Ideal for low capital trading

Lesson 10: Psychology & Risk Management

•   Psychological Rules of Winning Traders
•   Understanding and Planning the Risk Profile of Each Trade
•   How to Repair Losing Trades and Minimize Losses
•   Costly Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Lesson 11: Build a Profitable Options Trading Business

•   Manage a Low Risk, High Return Options Portfolio
•   Setting Up Your Trading Desk
•   Developing a Trading Plan
•   Keeping Records Using Your Trading Journal
•   A Winning Trading Routine

Lesson 12: Summary 
 When to Use Each Strategy

•   Recap Strategies Learnt in Ironshell and Ironstriker
•   Know Exactly When to Use Which Strategy
•   Rules on Strategy Selection
•   Tips: Preferred Strategies & Securities


(New!) Lesson 13: Back Ratio Spread

•  Enjoy unlimited upside potential with low blocked buying power
•  Construct this spread without worrying about downside risk
•  Risk-free even if the trade goes opposite direction


(New!) Lesson 14: Earnings Sniper Spread

• Trademark strategy invented by Bang Pham Van
• How to profit with low capital during earnings season
• Enjoy a wide profit range and high probability (win rate) without picking a price direction

(New!) Lesson 15: Bull Put Spread Xtreme


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