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Do you think it is Okay to buy Microsoft Office with Illegal License Keys? What are the possible Consequences?

It’s common to feel tempted by cheap deals on Microsoft Office, especially when you’re trying to save money on software expenses. However, it’s important to consider the legality and effectiveness of these low-cost options before making a purchase. When it comes to buying Microsoft Office, cost reduction is often a top priority because these expenses can quickly add up, whether you’re buying the suite for personal use, your business, or an educational institution. It’s understandable to explore more affordable alternatives, discounts, and potential deals, but it’s crucial to do so with caution.

Discover the truth behind the incredibly affordable offers for Microsoft Office. Are they legitimate or clever scams? Let’s explore the legality and effectiveness of these low-cost options.

Is it safe to purchase Microsoft Office at a Cheap rate?


Sometimes, you can find a Microsoft Office package for a lower price than the official website’s starting price of $149.99 for the Home & Student version. This price doesn’t include other popular applications like Microsoft Outlook and Access, which are part of the Office 365 suite. While there are more affordable alternatives available online, you may question their legitimacy and legality. These copies are generally priced at half or less compared to Microsoft’s official versions.

The Difference Between Legitimate and Counterfeit Software

Two main categories of cheap Office copies exist:

Counterfeit software: Counterfeit packages, often linked to pirated software and fake activation keys, not only infringe copyright laws but also jeopardize computer security. Stay vigilant, avoid supporting illegal activities, and choose legitimate software sources.

Genuine Microsoft Office software: Authentic versions of Microsoft Office can be bought at discounted prices, particularly when organizations or companies sell their previously purchased licenses in bulk. This provides the opportunity to obtain genuine software with an official license at a fraction of the regular retail price. However, it is crucial to research the source of the software before making a purchase. Check reviews, look for guarantees, and make sure you understand all terms and conditions to avoid being scammed with counterfeit packages or pirated copies of Office.

Understanding What You’re Getting When You Buy Cheap Microsoft Office
When you buy software, you get a software license or a right-to-use. It’s like a permission slip that allows you to use the software on your computer. This permission is given through a product key, a unique code of letters and numbers that unlock the software exclusively for you. The product key typically looks like this: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX.

Product keys for Microsoft software, such as the Office suite, are like keys to your car. These 25-character codes unlock the powerful features of the software. These keys serve as a stamp of ownership, granting users the right to install and use the software on their computer. They are essential, especially for purchased software.

When buying Microsoft Office at a discounted price, be cautious of fake activation codes or product keys. Look for trustworthy companies like techlover that provide genuine product keys, ensuring full access to all features of the Microsoft Office suite.

How to Tell if Microsoft Office Software Is Genuine
Not all Microsoft Office deals are scams or fraudulent. Some resellers offer affordable prices with activation methods that may differ from the norm. However, it’s important to note that these licenses exist in a gray area. The legitimacy of the product key may need to be clarified, even though Microsoft accepts them as legitimate due to activation.

If you’re unsure whether the software you’ve purchased is genuine, keep the following points in mind:

Prices are too good to be true: When software valued at $400 is sold for $60 or less, it raises suspicions. Such pricing is significantly lower than wholesale and high-volume license costs, suggesting an abnormal situation. More often than not, these deals are outright scams or pirated software.
No valid certificate of authenticity: A legitimate software company should have the licenses and certifications to sell Microsoft products legally. Check for its license and Certificate of Authenticity, especially when buying from resellers, as they may have illegitimate copies.
No refund policy: A lack of a refund or non-refundable purchases raises concerns. Trustworthy companies should always offer refunds for faulty products or customer changes of heart. Be cautious of low-quality resellers who may not provide refunds, as the product key may become invalid after installation.
Reviews: Before making a purchase, read through customer reviews and look at the web ratings of the website. If the company has been around for some time, you can often find reviews from past customers.

Is it safe to buy Microsoft Office at a cheap price?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy Microsoft Office at a cheaper rate. The sellers usually obtain the licenses at low prices and still make a profit. The reason for the reduced cost is that the product keys are often purchased from large organizations that no longer need them. Buyers benefit from this by obtaining excess licenses that companies have acquired.

Are these excess licenses being sold by the original purchasers? It’s difficult to comprehend why a company would sell licenses for such a small amount, assuming they are even allowed to resell them. It is more probable that this is an illicit transaction involving organizational staff.

Some other cases involve the resale of multiple copies of Office licenses. This occurs when someone buys a bulk license pack but only needs a single license, reselling the others at discounted prices. This is a legal practice, and as long as the license keys are genuine, they are perfectly safe to purchase.

Cheap Microsoft Office Scams

It is important to be cautious when buying Microsoft Office, as there are many suppliers with varying degrees of legitimacy in this domain. While most deals are legitimate, some resellers offer Microsoft 365 and involve sharing a single Microsoft account, which goes against Microsoft’s terms of use. If you use such deals, you must log in to Office using a provided email and password rather than your own. This means that you would share the same OneDrive storage and potentially view other people’s documents in your Recent Documents list.

Some sellers may also provide software with ineffective product keys that have already been used or are counterfeits made up of random combinations of letters and numbers. This scam aims to sell as many keys as possible, prolong the resolution of complaints for as long as possible, and eventually take the money and run.

It is essential to do thorough research into the company’s authenticity and licenses before purchasing any software. Genuine product keys from trusted sources like SoftwareKeep are a safe bet when buying Microsoft Office at a discounted price.

Buying software from illegitimate sources comes with many risks, so it is best to be careful and avoid them.t only are pirated copies of Microsoft Office illegal, but they also come with many potential threats.

Product key doesn’t work: If you purchase a product key from a malicious seller, it could fail to unlock the software or become blocked by Microsoft once you enter it into Office.
Malware and viruses: Pirated copies of Office can be bundled with malware and viruses that can damage your computer system. They may also contain back doors, allowing attackers to access your confidential information.
Stolen details: If the website or reseller you purchase from is a scammer, it’s possible that your payment details and personal information such as name, address and email could be stolen. This poses a great risk to your overall security.
Unusable license: Since a pirated version of the software does not include genuine product keys, you may be unable to install updates, use new features or access customer support services that would otherwise be available.
Plenty of risks are associated with pirated Microsoft Office, and you may pay a hefty fine if caught using illegal software. Doing your research before you purchase is the best way to ensure that your Office license is legitimate and secure.

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